Level 29, 2 Chefley Square

Sydney NSW 2000
(Registered & Administration Office)
Tel: (61 2) 9375 2337
Email: sxx@sxxgroup.com
Web: www.sxxgroup.com


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2017_Jun 21_Shareholder Update
2016_Sep 27_Notice of Meeting 2016 AGM
2016_Oct 31_Results of AGM
2016_Oct 19_SXX DTR Colorado
2016_May 24_Appendix 3Y_SB
2016_May 13_Appendix 3Y_SB
2016_May 10_Appendix 3Y_SB
2016_Jun 13_Appendix 3Y_SB
2016_Jan 16_604_Noble Investments
2016_Feb 17_Appendix 3Y_SB
2016_Feb 9_SXX 604 SB
2016_Feb 9_Amended SXX 604 SB
2016_Feb 4_Appendix 3Y_SB
2016_Aug 29_Shareholder Update
2015_Sep14_Appendix 3Y_SB_Amended
2015_Sep14_604 SB
2015_Oct 29_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015_Oct 22_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015_Nov 30_Results of AGM_Amended
2015_Nov 30_Appendix 3Z_AV
2015_Nov 29_Results of AGM
2015_Nov 24_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015_Nov 13_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015_Nov 13_604 SB
2015_Nov 6_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015_July 29_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015_July 6_NBBC
2015_Dec 21_604_Noble Investments
2015_Dec 18_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015_Dec 9_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015_Aug 28_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015_Aug 19_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015_Aug 5_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015_Apr 21_Appendix 3Y_SB
2015 _Oct 21_Notice of Meeting 2015 AGM

Company Reports
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Half Year Report_December 2016
Half Year Report_December 2015
CashFlow Report_2017_1st Qtr.
CashFlow Report_2016_4th Qtr.
CashFlow Report_2016_3rd Qtr.
CashFlow Report_2016_2nd Qtr.
CashFlow Report_2016_1st Qtr.
CashFlow Report_2015_4th Qtr
CashFlow Report_2015_3rd Qtr.
CashFlow Report_2015_2nd Qtr.
CashFlow Report_2015_1st Qtr.
Annual Report_June 2016
Annual Report_June 2015
Activities Report_2017_1st Qtr.
Activities Report_2016_4th Qtr.
Activities Report_2016_3rd Qtr.
Activities Report_2016_2nd Qtr.
Activities Report_2016_1st Qtr.
Activities Report_2015_4th Qtr.
Activities Report_2015_3rd Qtr.
Activities Report_2015_2nd Qtr.
Activities Report_2015_1st Qtr.
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